Pisces moon sign february horoscope

Leo Vibrant, Assertive, Egotistical, Possessive.

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Virgo Dependable, Patient, Critical, Judgemental. Libra Charming, Loving, Indecisive, Lazy. Scorpio Passionate, Charismatic, Secretive, Manipulative. Sagittarius Gregarious, Sociable, Blunt, Restless. Capricorn Willful, Serious, Rigid, Demanding. Aquarius Intelligent, Humanitarian, Unconventional, Noncommittal. Pisces Romantic, Imaginative, Illusional, Wistful.

What are my sun and moon sign and which are compatible?

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  • Daily Predictions Prepare yourself for all the goodies coming your way today.. Weekly Predictions to Getting the jitters about finding out how the week..

    Monthly Predictions Nov Get a sneak peek at your fortune in the month ahead.. Yearly Predictions Find out the high and low phases for you in the year ahead.. Horoscope Compatibility Meter Are you curious to know what the stars indicate about the bond between you and your close ones? Apr 20 - May Sun Sign The most easy to understand feature of Astrology.

    Planets Explore all about the 9 Agents of God — the 9 Planets. Moon Sign The factor influencing your mind and emotions. Ascendant The House which forms the basis of the Horoscope. Nakshatras Explore the deeper aspects of the human psyche. You might also like. View All. You can make plans with the purpose of traveling around and can create good feelings towards each other. And due to this your love relationship will move a step forward towards endearment. The conditions pertaining to your marital life can be stressful this month.

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    There can arise situations of separation from your spouse. Therefore, try to maintain a good relationship with your life partner. So that your time runs good and you can achieve success in every form. You can get the cooperation from your spouse in matters related to outside travel and etc. But for this to happen, it is very important for you to keep pace with each other. Or else you might have to face all kinds of problems. In this month, you may have to face problems in the family.

    Unnecessarily, there can arise some kind of a dispute in the family.

    Therefore, you should try to avoid any family-related disputes. You should try to maintain a good mutual harmony with everyone. So that, there can be peace, happiness and prosperity in the family and domestic development should be possible. Your relations with your parents will be good and according to time, you will also get the support of your parents.

    Therefore, you should take care of your parents. You should be ready to nurse them in any kind of problems. You are likely to get one another's cooperation in your every kind of work because of better coordination with everyone in the family. Unnecessarily doubting someone or breaking trust can be a cause of the problem for you. There can arise situations of stress in the family due to some other person and the balance in the family can deteriorate. Therefore, it is your responsibility to strengthen the family situations and to work for it. So try to give a better direction to your work by abiding by your responsibilities.

    You should donate yellow things on Thursday, observe fast and worship on Thursdays. Serve a Brahmin or a cow. Help the needy people. You should offer services and support in an orphanage and etc. Doing this can reduce your problems. The creature associated with Pisces is the fish. Associated with future ideas, individual born under this sign are thought to Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me.

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    Male Female. Monthly Pisces Horoscope November, A friend may test your open mindedness and tolerance power. You should be careful not to surrender your values and be rationa Monday, November 11, - Sunday, November 17, At the beginning of this week, the planet Moon will be posited in your second house, and then pass through your third, fourth Talking about love matters, this week is going to be very favorable for Pisces natives.

    During this time, you can try to conv According to Horoscope , this year may prove to be wonderful for Pisces natives. You may witness a brighter career in thi Select Another Sign. Pisces Horoscope. I am : Man Woman. This is a difficult coalition. The boy may regard that the girl does not cope well with certain domestic issues. In turn, sh As far as sign Gunas are concerned, it is a very encouraging union.

    The individuals find each other stimulating and encourag This is an excellent union as the sign compatibility chart shows. The boy's full support and encouragement boosts girl's mor As the compatibility chart shows, it is not a very complimentary alliance. It shows fundamental difference in the approach t There is a meager compatibility in temperamental characteristics, outlook and objectives.

    Bhakoot indicates ego development This combination indicates that the natives will be involved in constructive and creative jobs and are very compatible for e Since, this combination is overly harmonious; natives can be insincere and hypocritical towards each other. However, the boy This is not a good combination as far as sign compatibility is concerned.

    The girl is likely to regard boy as selfish and ma Pisces Man - Sagittarius Woman. The relationship shares a fair amount of compatibility. Not only they have been able to maintain a lifelong work life balanc One of the best combinations as far as sign Gunas are concerned. It shows that there would be understanding of feelings and m Since, both sign Rasis are 2nd and 12th from each other, not very good prospects for happy relationship here. He may find he They will make the best of each others' qualities.

    He is serious, well-mannered and success oriented, while she is patient,