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In I began reading books on Jyotish and since that time it has been an all consuming interest.

Insights and Reflections

You must understand that our notion of astrology in the west, and in parts of India as well, is shallow and somewhat embarassing. This is a deep science that touches the very core of your being and I invite you to become a student of the ancient texts.

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Jyotish is a Vedanga, one of the six limbs of the Vedas, and it integrates every aspect of vedic philosophy and spirituality yoga, vedanta, bhakti, mantra meditation, etc. It is endless in its domain for the phenomenal world is endless and eternal and so are we human beings.

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In he left the monastic life and began his full-time professional practice of Vedic astrology. Robert wanted to bridge the gap between the ancient Sanskrit Vedas and Vedic culture, and the scientific intellectual culture of the west.

His mission therefore developed into a practical vehicle through which the Vedic teachings could be more easily understood and implemented by the western mind. In , he met the world famous and distinguished Jyotishi and researcher Sri K. N Rao, and began studying under him.

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  5. In the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, awarded Robert a formal letter and Certificate of Commendation for distinguished service in promoting Hindu-Vedic astrology in western countries. He has also earned a worldwide reputation as an adept in the subtleties of Vedic astrology readings.