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Over the years, several of those predictions did seem to come true. My brother did get sick enough at 25 to require a kidney transplant. My sister did marry at And though I had been painfully shy as a teenager, I did grow into a sharp-tongued lawyer well respected in government.

Astrology and timing of events like marriage, job and death.

If we did, we chalked them up to coincidence. Being Indian by way of New Jersey, I often railed against this determinism, pointing to the variations among the readings as evidence of their falsity, even if a few did come true. The lawyer in me prized rationality and logic, and the idea that outcomes were predetermined ran contrary to all my work, education and ambition.

That is fixed. One of the many stories that my parents — and eventually I, too — wanted to change with each telling was that of my marriage. It was simply our fate, which had been written long before he and I met. I had grown tired of replaying every wrong move and angry word. Instead, I tried to relax into the great comfort that none of our behavior had mattered.

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I told myself I had been trapped in a choose-your-own-adventure book in which all paths led to the same sad ending. And in this way, I finally managed to peel myself from the couch and return to my life in New York, where I had to study for the bar exam. A few weeks later, I was back in New Jersey for lunch with my parents, where they presented me with an envelope and a small plastic bag containing a pendant with a translucent blue-tinged, tear-shaped stone.

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I glanced at the envelope. Amita Patel USA. Health problems? Everything going wrong? You may be under black magic. Share The Article On :. Your daughter is manglik. So make sure that her partner is also manglik. Before going ahead for marriage , perform manglik remedy. Wear an emerald and yellow sapphire and do jaap for rahu and sun times everyday.

Avoid black colors completely. Her marriage timing is going on. You are manglik as per your chart. You should wear an emerald and do remedy for saturn, mars and sun. This will give stability to your marriage as well as career. Your good time for marriage is after august Sir, there is mars and moon in my lagna house. So am I considered to be a manglik or not!

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And also when will I get married? Hi sir: Please tell me if there is a good 2nd marriage for me or not. What I should do for this to happen if there is going to be one. I have given many answers on marriage astrology and have written also some articles on that just mentioning here some of them, read those you will obviously get clue and will get your answer stil if you find it difficult, let me know I will definitely guide you further:. Hlo sir its preetijit Kaur.

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Time I belong to a Sikh family and a person to whom I want to get marry is from Hindu family. My mother is not agreed for love marriage..

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Plzzz tell me know wat to do so that my mother got agreed for. Hi sir, my dob:9 Oct am, Kolkata Many have said that time for my marriage is currently going on…. Your good time for marriage is till september You will find partner of your choice. But you should strengthen your moon wearing pearl before that and do some remedy for mars, sun and saturn. Else your marriage will be very much delayed.

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After september , next 7 yrs is not good for ur marriage. When will he married?? Sir i want to know about that i have love marriage or arrange…. Or this love marriage will be success or not…sir i want to be marry with him please suggest me please…. At first I want to tell you that to remain unmarried throughout the whole life is not at all a curse.

Our main objective in life should be to discover ourselves. But, in some societies, people still believe that, unmarried yoga in horoscope or to remain unmarried means everything is finished. In-depth analysis.

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      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Fugit, error amet numquam iure provident voluptate esse quasi. I asked about marriage, I have start to do the remdies for the same, that was Great experience with akashvaani. I recommend akashvaani in future too. Taken Asked Question Started with Chat.

      I was very confused about my brother is Mangalik or not. Than I contact with u guys and I get all of my answer. U provide some remedies for the dosh, it was very helpful. Astrologers can confirm this by checking your janma kundali, status of the 7 th house of marriage, and current dasha that you are undergoing.

      If your 7 th house is not under any negative influence of bad planets, and you have support of well-placed Jupiter and Venus, calculation of earliest marriage date is possible. Exact birth date, time and location would be important for the calculation.

      Being in love and marrying your love may not give the same positive result. Kundali matching between both partners is needed to check the long-term compatibility. Kundali matching score through guna milan should be 18 or higher. Then, again astrologer will check relation of 1 st and 7 th house, rashi, charan and panchang for final result. The position of mother and father in the chart is indicated by 4 th house and 9 th house. Depending on positive or negative planet in the house, there will be difference of opinion between you and parents. In this case, the personality and views are different causing such issues.

      Astrologers can check your janma kundali to see status of 7 th house of marriage.