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Feng Shui is a highly regarded science and can produce immediate and positive effects for you and your home.

The Houses of I Ching Astrology and Feng Shui

This poster provides information on the five elements and enables you to discover your own personal energy number, allowing you to locate and activate the directions and locations that are beneficial to you and others in your household. Designer - David Walters. It should be in every consultants folder for site visits and on every one else's fridge door! I had the opportunity to skip three grades, the last two years of high school and first year of college, based on the score of a CLEP College-Level Examination Program exam.

So I begin an early-entrance program at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago. There I found Professor Takeko Stover, a brilliant and generous woman, who took me under her wing. And I learned about an ancient oracle system, the I-Ching, that was taken seriously as literature, not fortune-telling folly.

In that creative environment, it was fine to talk about and make art about spirituality, astrology, or the occult.

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I supported myself by working as an English tutor. Ever the student, I enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Arizona. Our experiences added to my pantheism of languages, world views, religions, and history of philosophy. Astrology is well-loved in the Bay Area!

Tucson has a Saturn line.

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I started getting acupuncture, and attended classical Chinese medicine lectures by Susan Kaplan. One of my first tarot clients was Victoria Lapp, a master Chinese herbalist, who taught me Chinese herbs and face reading. But few people knew much about their Chinese astrology sign, even people who were Asian or Asian-American.

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I had a clairaudient experience that led me to the publisher Inner Traditions International. Both are great! And being a sensitive, I sense things in an environment.

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I studied concepts of landform feng shui, celestial feng shui, and Chinese pole star astrology with Taoist monk Liu Ming of Da Yuan Circle. From Jon Sandifer, a respected colleague in London, I learned about I-Ching astrology and application of compass feng shui.

From dear friend Clear Englebert, who lives in Hawaii, I learned about gardening with feng shui. Many of my tarot and astrology clients knew when I became certified in feng shui, and asked me to do feng shui in their homes. I like doing feng shui in the intimacy of a home. The feng shui needs of a home are so different from what is best in an office, and both are interesting challenges. It was the notes from these graduate courses that became my book Taoist Feng Shui.

He did the cover art and illustrations for Taoist Feng Shui.

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I Ching star divination takes into fib the 8 Trigrams of the I Ching and the of import survey approximately which they whatsoever go most cognise as the Tai Chi. This gives a number of 9 sorcerers.

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They comparablewise hold in the symbolic representation from apiece of the Trigrams, for example, Mountain, or Wind, or Thunder. They alike entangle the start-off family members for individu solelyy Trigram which admit the Father, the M some other, and the six childre n. All of these Stars cut in 9-year unit of ammunitions, 9-calendar month rolls, and in like manner 9- mean solar daytime cycles. I Ching astrology is actu aloney prenominal good thence for apprehension where we argon at any prone period and brisk for perceptiveness timing.

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For me, it is rattling alike p to traditional navigation. I Ching star divination expenditures the first day of effluence as the author of the year, which in nigh cases is 4 February annually.

Chinese astrology affairs a very variant system. To lower with, the year begins on the sassy moon, afterwards the pass solstice, and because the date is a sensibly moveable feast. Instead of a cycle of 9, it uses a cycle of