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In love: You're a sensual person and blessed with a healthy libido. Giving your partner an aromatherapy massage, sharing a deep bubble-filled tub or spending a whole rainy Sunday in bed together are your ultimate ideas of heaven. Chinese astrology: The Pig Now you've discovered your Chinese astrology sign is Pig , read about what this says about your character and relationships and find out what has in store. Character: Earthy, practical, cheerful and optimistic describes you in a nutshell.

Every time a Snake sloughs skin, it gets a new life.

Chinese Astrology: The Tiger - Personality & Compatibility

Being an athlete is perhaps the best occupation for Snakes. Horses are loyal to their owners. In lots of ancient Chinese stories, the loyal Horses committed suicide after their owners died.

Chinese Astrological Years

It is safe to tell your secrets to a friend who belongs to the Horse. The Wu Period is the solar period according to the Chinese earthly branch theory. Horses are easily out of control during the Wu Period. They may show off or lose their temper within the two hours. So do not provoke a Horse during the Wu Period. Goats are gentle, polite, sentimental and generous. Philanthropists probably belong to the Goat.

Chinese Astrology Five Stars, Chinese Horoscope Six Gods

Goat can never refuse to help their friends. When their friends betray or misunderstand them, the Goat becomes very depressed, because they love their friends so much. It hurts the Goat when they see their friends do not love them as much as they do to their friends. Misunderstanding may kill a friendship with a Goat.

Chinese Astrology Signs: Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

Monkeys are as smart as Rats, but the Monkey never hurts others for benefit, so a Monkey is much more welcomed by others than Rats are. A Monkey likes change, so people who belong to the Monkey can often work out new methods for their jobs. However, sometimes Monkeys change too quickly so their friends need to remind them that persistence is as important as new ideas. People who belong to the Rooster are honest, enthusiastic and eager to get help.

They are keen on new things. They know the latest fashion.

Your Time of Birth Determines Your Rising Sign

However, their enthusiasm becomes cold very fast, especially in a relationship. If they lose their enthusiasm, they can easily say goodbye to their companions. They need someone who is authoritative to guide them in the right way. Dogs are loyal, fair-minded and decent. People like Dogs due to their lovely appearances.

Hidden Meanings in the BaZi Birth Chart

People who belong to the Dog are always doing everything for their companions, so their companions do not have to work for money. But their companions have to do what a Dog tells them to do, otherwise they will be very disappointed. The patronage of the animal year of birth gives the person the characteristic features in winning attention from the opposite sex.

Astrological knowledge will make it possible to understand how passionate and inventive in bed is a man of each of the 12 signs of the eastern zodiac. Here you can find tips on how to achieve complete harmony in intimate relationships. A woman entering into marriage is full of doubts and fears. Her thoughts are tormented: will the union be successful and lasting? The inner world of man - a great mystery, you can open the secrets of the soul with the help of the Chinese horoscope.

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The character of a man in marriage largely determines the patronage of the animal corresponding to the year of birth.